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Limited Available Private Sessions:

Star Trek


Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Hellboy 5e

Liberated Borg:
a Star Trek adventure

Coyote & Crow


Kaleidoscopic Fantasy

Marvel RPG

I've Played in:

Rat Queens

on HyperRPG

Callisto 6

on Geek & Sundry

Shield of Tomorrow
on Geek & Sundry

Tempting Fate 
on Saving Throw

Operation Emberfall

on QueueTimes

Fractured Destiny 
on The Cookout TTRPG

Role & Keep (Cortex RPG) 
on Fandom/Dire Wolf

TTRPG Player/Streamer

I've been a player in more than a dozen online TTRPG campaigns and one-shots since 2017. My most well-known work is likely the Geek and Sundry campaigns "Shield of Tomorrow" (Star Trek Adventures) and "Callisto 6" (Cyberpunk Superheroes, Cypher System).

I recently guested in the Hyper RPG & Fear HQ produced liveplay "KOllOK" as the Goddess of Life. KOllOK is on the 2023 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot for Outstanding Emerging Media Program, so if you're a member of the Television Academy please vote for KOllOK!


In 2020 I became a TTRPG content producer, with the all-Klingon Star Trek Adventures campaign "Blood of the Void," which streamed monthly on Queue Times (

In 2021 I was a regular player on the actual play show "Role and Keep", showcasing the Cortex RPG system on I've also played campaigns on DnD Beyond, and guested on Buzzfeed Multiplayer.

I've guested multiple times on LA By Night, the incredibly well-received Vampire the Masquerade actual play GMed by Jason Carl. 

I'm a regular player on QueueTimes with my TTRPG group Streampunks RPG, with

GM Eric Campbell. 

Game Master

Soon after guest GMing "Weave Society" on Geek & Sundry in 2018, I became the Game Master of "Overlight: Fractured Paradox," a 6-episode campaign of Renegade Game Studios' fantasy RPG Overlight, also on Geek & Sundry.

In December 2020 I moved from a player's seat to the GM chair in the all-Klingon Star Trek Adventures (Modiphius) campaign Blood of the Void, a monthly actual play on Queue Times (

Summer of 2021 through early 2022, I was the Dungeon Master for a brand new weekly D&D 5e campaign "Lords of Faerun" every Saturday (viewable at The Cookout TTRPG on YouTube).


September 2022 I made my Dungeon Master debut at the Dungeons & Dragons vacation event D&D In A Castle, and returned March 2023 for another round of my homebrew 5e adaptation of the Sea of Fallen Stars underwater setting. 

Most recently, I ran Clear Skies: Perseverance with the Streampunks and Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online), which takes place at Utopia Planitia Starfleet Shipyards on Mars and follows the adventures of a crew of shipbuilders. 


In addition to Weave, Overlight, Star Trek Adventures, and Dungeons & Dragons 5e, I've GMed private and streamed games in various other tabletop systems, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dungeon World, and Cat Power.

I previously ran a private ongoing Buffy the Vampire Slayer campaign through


Due to my new roles at Versed and in game development (as well as continuing my acting and writing careers), I have become much more selective in running private games. Reach out if you have a private campaign or one shot that you simply must have an Aliza Pearl run!

Video Game Writer & Game Developer

My creative work as a TTRPG performer, professional gamemaster/dungeonmaster, improviser, and writer led me to realize how much I love world building and game development. After a couple of years of online game writing and narrative design classes (and watching heaps of GDC talks on YouTube), I've been fortunate to add the roles "video game writer" "game developer" and "narrative director" to my experience.

I currently serve as Narrative Director at Versed, a company that empowers anyone to create their own role-playing video game. As Narrative Director, I am writing and creating my own video game with Versed, as well as working with developers and creators to help build the product and guide other writer-creators through the process of making their own games.

I also write interactive fiction with StoryLoom. Check out my first StoryLoom story,

Welcome to the Blood Bar.  

Check out this video of me building a scifi setting with the designer & community manager of Cortex RPG and realizing in real time how much I love world building ;-)

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