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Game Writing Portfolio

Storytelling Through Improv, Game Design, and World Building

Hi! I'm Aliza. When I first realized I wanted to write video games, it was after over a decade of writing professionally in other mediums. My creative work as an improviser, TTRPG performer, professional gamemaster/dungeonmaster, and screenwriter led me to realize how much I love world building and game development. Add to that decades of playing video games, and I realized that everything was pointing me to

video game development.


After a couple of years of online game writing and narrative design classes (and watching heaps of GDC talks on YouTube), I've been fortunate to add the roles "video game writer" "game developer" and "narrative director" to my experience. Now I'm looking for my next game development role, as a writer, narrative designer, or creative lead of a team!

In 2023 I served as Narrative Director at Vesper, a company that empowers anyone to create their own role-playing video game. As Narrative Director, I created and wrote my own video game with Vesper, while working with developers and creators to help build the product and guide other writer-creators through the process of making their own games.

I also write interactive fiction (think branching narratives and lots of lore and world building) with StoryLoom. Check out two of my StoryLoom stories,

Welcome to the Blood Bar and Anaya the Hunter.  

Check out this video of me building a scifi setting with the designer & community manager of Cortex RPG.

Below are links to my writing and narrative design samples from

various gaming projects. 


Scifi FPS.png

Scifi FPS - Lore & Worldbuilding

Original Scifi Fantasy First Person Shooter (FPS) video game concept

Ship and clouds.png

Character Bio

Original Scifi Fantasy First Person Shooter (FPS) video game concept

Scifi FPS 2.png

Scifi FPS - Opening Scene

Original Scifi Fantasy First Person Shooter (FPS) video game concept

Aliens talking.png


Original Fantasy video game concept

Anaya Town Fire cover.png

Interactive Fiction - Visual Novel

Read: StoryLoom - Anaya The Hunter

Alien pfp.png

Film Script

Scifi Comedy Feature

Who I've worked with

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